The Woodworking, Wood Joinery and Woodturning Starter Handbook: Beginner Friendly 3 in 1 Guide with Process,Tips,Techniques...


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English | 2020 | ISBN: 9781662284939 |

Are you interested in Woodworking but are overwhelmed by the information present online?

I was precisely at the same place 5 years back when I started my journey in the Wood Crafting. Over the years, I practiced various forms/branches of Woodworking, especially Joinery and Turning.

This book is the updated discussion on Woodworking as a whole, Wood Joinery, and Wood Turning.

After going through this book, you would start and complete your initial projects in Woodworking.

Topic 1: Woodworking For Beginners
Introduction: The history and details of various branches of Woodworking All about the wood: How to choose them; Hardwood, Softwood, Plywood, MDF all explained Woodworking tools: Hand and Power tool explained with best practices Processes and Techniques Safety and Best Practices Gluing and Finishing Starter projects with step by step instructions Glossary of woodworking tools, sources for downloading the free plan

Topic 2: Wood Joinery For Beginners
Introduction to Joinery Joinery tools Detailed discussion on 15 types of joinery Japanese Joinery CNC wood joinery Five starter joinery projects with step by step instructions Glossary of joinery terms Tips for beginners

Topic 3: Wood Turning For Beginners
Introduction to Wood Turning Process & Techniques Finishing Safety and Best Practices Beginner Woodturning Projects Tips, Glossary, and Conclusion