The Sand Dollar Inn Hazel Taylor


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The Sand Dollar Inn Hazel Taylor
epub | 437.03 KB | English | Author :Hazel Taylor | 2020

Book Description :

Nina is in shock. Her husband had just passed leaving her with three kids and their family Bed and Breakfast, The Sand Dollar Inn. After the difficult recent death of her husband, she had finally thought her worst days were behind her.

Each day she continued to stay busy running and managing her Bed and Breakfast, located near the beautiful Manatee Bay on the Gulf Coast of Florida. The beauty of the area had helped ease her mind and keep her thoughts from diving too deep.

Disaster strikes when her lawyer notifies her of the massive amount of debt that her late husband had accrued during their marriage. At risk of losing the Bed and Breakfast and the only thing keeping her afloat, Nina must figure out how to repay the debt.

As ideas begin to come into place, an adventure begins. Nina discovers secrets held by her late father during his world travels. Hidden treasure that could be the answer to her biggest problems.

Along the way, Nina and her children discover the thrill of adventure as help begins to come from some of the most unexpected places.

An adventure she could have never anticipated.

Dive in and come visit the beautiful South Florida coast and The Sand Dollar Inn. Tag along in Nina's adventure and meet all the new characters The Sand Dollar Inn and Manatee Bay attracts!

This is the first book in the series.

(Book 1)

Category : | Clean & Wholesome Romance, Two-Hour Literature & Fiction Short Reads, Sea Stories
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