Summary to Quickly Read The Art of War by Sun Tzu (Audiobook)


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English | 2019 | ISBN: 9781094204727 |

An ancient Chinese military strategy text written by a Chinese military general. The most advanced discussion of military tactics written at its time. These strategies have proven incredible staying power by surviving the test of time. people apply these core strategies to business, negotiation, sports, and more.

Summary Table of Contents:

The Importance of Planning

Always Adapt to Your Environment

The Importance of the Terrain

Forecasting Victory or Defeat

Good Leadership Is Crucial to Victory

Beware the Six Circumstances Which Can Ruin an Army

Choose Your Battles Wisely

When to Enter a Battle and When to Wait

The Five Rules to Winning a War

Disrupt Your Enemy

Carefully Manage Your Resources

Take Advantage of All Information Available to You

Watch for Signs of Weakness in the Opposing Army

Make Use of Spies

Send Your Enemies False Information

Guard Your Secrets

Engage in Deception

Attack Your Enemy on Many Fronts