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Marcos Ciscar Trinity Recorder KONTAKT | 34 Mb

Trinity Recorder is three different recorders (Bass, soprano & sopranino) added together on the keyboard to get the widest register. Mono and poly mode. Realistic sound and very light on your computer. 24-bit 44.1KHz recording. It contains more than four octaves (F1-G5) and is very useful for writing in poly-mode and then layering the monophonic version for even more realism when playing legato parts. Tip: Use various amounts of reverb and different panning settings for every layer. One good way of testing the poly mode is to play something in "um-pa-pa" rhythm with the left hand and then add one or two solo flutes with the right hand.

- The pitch-controller has a special setting for Trinity recorder.
- The modulation-controller adds more vibrato (to the already performed vibrato that is introduced gently in the original samples). Use this to mark important tones with instant vibrato.
- The attack of the sound and also the volume is affected by velocity.

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