Hyakujo the Everest of Zen: The World of Zen Poems and Haikus [Audiobook]


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English | June 24, 2020 | ASIN: B089KTH1KN |

Osho illuminates the Chinese Zen master Hyakujo's concept of sudden enlightenment, showing that everyone is already a buddha. No master, he says, can give you anything; he can only take your false beliefs away.

Hyakujo's second landmark contribution to Zen was the foundation of monasteries creating the environment for realizing one's buddhahood. His premise was that a gradual preparation, with work and meditation going hand in hand, can allow the realization to occur. This structure continues in Zen monasteries to this day.

Osho reiterates Hyakujo's understanding: "If you want to prepare a house, a garden, a painting, a poem, it will take time. There is only one thing that does not take time, because it is beyond time, that is your buddhahood. You simply jump out of time and you find yourself as you have been always and will be always - your intrinsic nature."

These Zen anecdotes and dialogues are not to transmit knowledge - they are tools for transformation.