What Women Must Know, Vol. 3: Staying Healthy in a Toxic World [Audiobook] by Sherrill Sellman ND
English | January 9th, 2018 | ASIN: B078KJ3Y5T, ISBN: 1538439611 | kbps | 8 hrs 29 mins | 233.45 MB
Narrator: Sherrill Sellman ND

Narrator: Sherrill Sellman ND
Volume 3 of What Women Must Know includes the following segments:
* "The Health Dangers from Our WiFi World" with Daniel DeBaun
* "The Power of Oxygen Therapies to Heal and Detoxify" with Marcus Freudenmann
* "The Amazing Healing Abilities of Nano-Silver" with Dr. Keith Moeller
* "The Secrets to Your Health Do-Over" with Dr. Michael Roizen
* "Keys to Radiant Health and Ageless Beauty" with Dr. Christine Horner
* "Trace Amounts: Autism, Mercury, and the Hidden Truth" with film producers Eric Gladen and Shiloh Levine
* "Taking Control of Your Genetic Destiny with Diet and Lifestyle" with Dr. Mitch Gaynor
* "The Healing Power of Curcumin" with Dr. Ajay Goel
* "The Most Important Things You Need to Know about Oral Health" with Dr. Michael Goldberg




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