Thermal Metal Cutting Processes by B.J. Ranganath
English | 5 May 2008 | ASIN: B01IR5OA2I | 325 Pages | AZW3 | 18.36 MB

In order to meet the challenges of manufacturing sophisticated components in modern space, transport, nuclear, electronic and computer technology applications many newer manufacturing methods have been developed. Among such processes, metal cutting processes using thermal energy for their working play an important role in modern manufacturing, especially in the metal cutting industries. Such thermal metal cutting processes need a good understanding of physics, mathematics, material science, thermal and fluid science, computers and computational techniques. The basic principles of different thermal cutting processes are discussed with enough depth and breadth. These principles are supplimented with engineering and technology of working, equipment and applications. The analysis of a cutting process with multiple process variables is complicated and reliable optimizing techniques are essential for its useful application. Useful techniques like Artificial Neular Network, multivariant regression analysis, ED ? A and SEM methods are illustrated for better understanding of the intricacies of these processes. The book is targeted for students, researchers, practicing engineers and professionals in metal cutting industry.

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