Chris Mulhearn, Howard R. Vane, "The Euro: Its Origins, Development and Prospects"
English | 2009 | ISBN: 1848444265 | PDF | pages: 256 | 0.8 mb

'By any standards the introduction and embedding of the euro has been transformational, politically and economically. A decade after its creation Chris Mulhearn and Howard Vane have provided us with a comprehensive evaluation of its conception, birth, early development and future prospects. The book is balanced, dispassionate and written with admirable clarity. Readers will learn a lot from it and find themselves reflecting more clearly about the future of monetary policy in Europe. All in all an excellent volume.'
- David Greenaway, University of Nottingham, UK
`This fine book provides a comprehensive overview of the development and design of the European Monetary Union, as well as an intriguing discussion of its prospects for future enlargement. A particularly compelling feature of the book is the set of fascinating interviews with some of the intellectual movers and shakers in the ongoing debate on EMU. This is an eminently accessible reference that should be required reading for all who seek to become familiar with the economics of the euro.'
- Andrew K. Rose, University of California, Berkeley, US
This important new book provides a non-technical, comprehensive overview of the central issues surrounding the euro. Following an introduction to the origins of European integration, the authors proceed to examine the first concrete steps in the process that led to the creation of the euro area. The book then explores the economics and architecture of the euro, highlights the issues surrounding enlargement, and reflects on the future of European monetary union. To help bring the subject matter alive, the book also contains interviews with leading academics in the field including Willem Buiter, Nick Crafts, Paul De Grauwe, Patrick Minford, Niels Thygesen, Andrzej Wojtyna and Charles Wyplosz.
Primarily aimed at intermediate undergraduates taking courses not just in economics, but also in business studies, modern economic history, politics and international relations, this book will also prove useful to postgraduate students in these disciplines in their preliminary year of study.

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