Pilipovic, Stevan; Stankovic, Bogoljub; Vindas, Jasson, "Asymptotic Behavior of Generalized Functions"
English | ISBN: 9814366846 | 2012 | 308 pages | PDF | 3 MB

The asymptotic analysis has obtained new impulses with the general development of various branches of mathematical analysis and their applications. In this book, such impulses originate from the use of slowly varying functions and the asymptotic behavior of generalized functions. The most developed approaches related to generalized functions are those of Vladimirov, Drozhinov and Zavyalov, and that of Kanwal and Estrada. The first approach is followed by the authors of this book and extended in the direction of the S-asymptotics. The second approach - of Estrada, Kanwal and Vindas - is related to moment asymptotic expansions of generalized functions and the Cesaro behavior. The main features of this book are the uses of strong methods of functional analysis and applications to the analysis of asymptotic behavior of solutions to partial differential equations, Abelian and Tauberian type theorems for integral transforms as well as for the summability of Fourier series and integrals. The book can be used by applied mathematicians, physicists, engineers and others who use classical asymptotic methods and wish to consider non-classical objects (generalized functions) and their asymptotics now in a more advanced setting.




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